Saturday, January 7, 2012

UIU Take a Pledge with me to USE IT UP

Hi Everyone,

I came across the most brilliant idea online today and just had to share the thought , concept, pledge to Use It UP.

UIU Pledge pictrue

Instead of shopping and spending money I am pledging 
to Use It UP – what’s in my stash.

The concept has been started by Fran , and if you want to take the pledge too you can pop on over to her blog and get the button and sign up to post about your efforts each month. 
This should keep us accountable that’s for sure!

Here are some tips from recycled from Fran on how to go about UIU (using it up) :

  • Take some time and go “shopping” in your stash. You know all those things you bought and forgot about!
  • Trading / swapping: If you haven’t got what you’re after, maybe your bestie does?
  • Rethink it: Do you really need it? Can you use an alternative that you do have?
  • Recycling is your best friend! Everything from a tin can to bottle top can be used if you use your imagination!
  • Resale vs. Retail: Check out the Lifeline or St Vincent stores, you may be surprised.
  • Set a budget. Oooh dreaded word that – especially to a bookkeeper lol. You will actually need to replace essentials which will require shopping, however, don’t go overboard – just get in to the shops, get what you need, and get out fast! That's my plan anyway !

Remember this will be a pledge to yourself and only you can hold yourself accountable for it and with love and support from other UIU pledgers!



Hi Vicki welcome to UIU!! I have added your link to the list :)

Dr Sonia S V

Vicki this is fantastic-- and I love your recycle idea-- it is something I always try to do!
I wont be able to pledge[ have so limited craft goodies at present so have to buy!] but will give a shout about it in my next blog post