Saturday, February 5, 2011

Papermates - February

Hi Everyone,

I was going to leave this post until tomorrow - but the kids across the road are having a party and I can't sleep - so here I am telling you about my wonderful day and the gorgeous 8 cards I made today yahooo!

I have been going to my local Papermates club one Saturday each month for a few months now and enjoy the company and gossip and cards immensely. They're a great bunch of girls :)

This month we had to take a shoebox with 8 Kits of one card and instructions on how to do it, then everybody made 8 cards - i won't go into the detail of how boxes were chosen it's too tedious to mention really.

Anyway - here are the cards I made, which were designed by 8 other girls and made by me.
I love them all!

I adore the torn strips of paper here - gorgeous paper!
This flower was a mission, but worth it, look at the detail

And the butterflies below were so easy it wasn't funny (die cuts will do that I suppose).

Another easy one above, but very effective and useful for anything with no senitment.

A mans' card that is to die for!! I love those nuts and bolts.

A very different design that was quite awesome I thought. The whole card is stuck flat and the heart opens up to reveal a little tag tucked into the base card that has the sentiment on it. Check it out!

This sweet flower was lovely and the butterfly is dimensional, sweet.
Water Colour pencils made this flower really pretty, and the back-ground paper has the swiss dots that I like.

Over all I had a wonderful day, and while I'm a little tired I am still pumped about the cards I made.

My own card will probably be found over at Trish and Treasure at some stage - Silly me forgot to take a photo of it myself, but Trish got to make it today so I'll let her show it off! Check out her blog anyway at she has some pretty good stuff on there!

Have a great week, it seems the party across the road is packing up finally, so I'm off to bed.