Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girl World Revealed

Hello Again,
See – told you I’d be back sooner rather than later!

I am always talking about being in Girl World, so I thought I’d share with you my crafting space. It’s called Girl World because my husband has a huge shed that he calls Man Land lol.

I was forbidden by hubby to make a mess in the house and was frustrated at trying to keep my desk in the office tidy and as I started accumulating things I thought the best thing to do was to move myself into the garage at the side of our house where all the stuff that doesn’t fit in our little beach house is stored and awaiting the day we sell here and move to a bigger space.
So here it is – the garage at the side of the house AKA Girl World…

As I stand at the roller door and look in, this is what I see.
To my right is a lovely Balinese sideboard that is being utilised as a cutting station for my Big Shot. (It is fine Mum, I’m not wrecking it okay)

A little further along is a small outdoor table (with it’s chairs stacked up next to it. This is where all my spellbinders, embossing folders, magazines live. You can see that my spellbinders are stored in double cd holders. This is very handy when you want to go somewhere else with them, just zip up and chuck in the take away crate (that’s the purple trolley underneath).

I then come to the main desk, a few trolleys hold my cardstock and papers within easy reach, the floor holds a couple of plastic boxes that hold my stash of ribbons and a pile of paper offcuts ( I drop them in the box when I am working and can sift through it for little tid-bits as required).

        P1020282         P1020283

Check out all the things to be found on my desk! I really am spoilt wrotten!
There you have it – a full on tour of Girl World – hope you enjoyed your stay.


Trish and Treasure

Girlworld is never big enough and funnily enough we always need more supplies and the latest thing and I don't think we could ever spoil you enough!