Sunday, June 5, 2011

Papermates June 2011

Hello again,

Our Paper-mates get together was yesterday and we did a paper craft swap day where everybody who wanted to participate put enough bits and pieces into a kit (x6) to make a card with. Most of us put too much in and we got enough to do 2 cards from each kit at least.

I haven’t finished with all of mine yet, but did get 5 cards made in the day! yahoo.
I really enjoyed this concept as it made me work with things that I wouldn’t normally look at or consider.

Here are the cards I’ve made so far…

Kit 1 (from Toni)

P1020183      P1020184

Got two cards out of this kit and still have some lovely little die cuts left over, one of a bird on a branch which is just adorable.

Kit 2 (from Cheryl)


Ahh yes – it is my Mojo card for this week (see previous post for details). I also have left overs here – the other four corners of paper and a lovely stamped image of a sunflower inside a border which I have coloured in but not used yet).

Kit 3 (from Trish)


I absolutely love the simplicity of this card. I used dimensional magic on the die cuts provided (or should I say cricut cuts provided Smile) I did it in two stages, I wanted the frame and the sentiment to be glittered so I did that first and when it had dried I put the dimensional magic over the head of the cameo. 

Here’s a closer picture…

It’s a bit hard to tell but the head really is quite glossy and deep. Trish’s kit also has other bits – a whole another card to make in a vintage style with lace and all. Can’t wait to get to that one!

You can go over to Trish’s blog to see what she made with the same materials if you like – Here.

Kit 4 (can’t remember the lady’s name! aagh how rude of me!)


I made a stand up card with these lovely bits and once again there was enough in the kit for a whole other card – some doily and corrugated card to name the least! Will be onto that one asap too!

The little turtle started out just as a chipboard and I coloured him in with just plain texta pens, drew his shell pattern on and just thought he was missing something. Then I remembered I had taken my twinkling H2o’s with me, so i coated him all over in green and now he really shimmers…

ahhh that’s better he looks all mossy now.

I have two more card kits that I haven’t even started on, one has a feather in it even! I guess I’ll have a busy afternoon and what I don’t finish today I’ll have to put my Ugh Boots on and get stuck into after work this week!

Thanks for checking out this monster of a Paper-mates posting, hope you enjoyed it.