Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage Vogue 'ish Canvassy Thingy

Hello Again,

This is what I've been playing with in Girl World all day today.

I had the time out from everything today and decided this was a perfect opportunity to have my own take on something I did in a class quite some time ago with a lady named Kasha. ( I think that's how you spell it). Anyway I really enjoyed the board we did in her class. I have packed it away now, so can't show you a photo of it, but it was really lovely.

This is my take ...

I started with a plain piece of cardboard, it's about 33cm long and 23cm high.
I distressed the cardboard and pulled the top layer off to reveal the corrugations underneath around the edges only. Then coated the whole thing with a coat of pink acryllic paint. Dried it off with a heat gun and gave it a rough coat of some green'ish blue acryllic paint, but only brushing it on here and there to give a mottled look. After drying this coat off, I then smooshed some silver acryllic metallic paint around in the same manner. The whole board was covered in mottled pink, green & silver by this stage.

I already had a theme in mind as I had these lovely vintage prints & birds in cages so I wanted to create a kind of trapped love feel to whole thing. (I am married after all, ha get it - trapped love? he he he)

I then took some pink tissue paper and stamped some random patterns onto it - the diamonds across the top, the little flowers in clusters, bits of a background stamp that has words on it and the scroll type things. Make sure the tissue paper is a little larger than your board so you can fold it around the sides. 
The whole board is then covered in watered down PVA glue and the stamped tissue paper is laid over it and more PVA glue is brushed on to hold it all in place, even going over the edges and around the back to seal it all on good and proper.

This is then allowed to dry properly before you stick on you pictures, flowers, chipboard embellishments, whatever you want to stick on there just do it! I have used the same process with the PVA glue to stick my paper cut outs on. I've brushed a bit more silver paint here and there over the top and added some glitter paint too. 
I glued on a couple of small silver pegs to hold the hanging rope and ta daaa. It's done.
(mind you I will probably change the gold rope to silver when I find some)

Here are some close ups of the decorations.

The silver paint is very shiny and a little difficult to photograph, but you get the idea.

One of these days I'll figure out how to place these photos in some semblance of order. But at least you can see them. The colour isn't showing too true, so here's another with the flash on and we'll see if you can actually see pink and green.
Ahh that's a little better.

I really enjoyed making this canvassy thingy and hope you enjoyed looking at it.