Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farewell my friend

Hi All,
Wanted to apologise for bing AWOL this last week ... my beautiful boy Solly had to be put to sleep yesterday as he has been having really bad seizures that were coming more and more frequently as time passed. He was 18 this year and apart from the seizures - a very healthy boy who weighed in the heaviest on record at our vets with a whopping 9 Kg at his best!

Here are some pictures in memory of Silly Solly Puss Cat...

Sitting by the door wanting out

Stealing the Boss's chair!

Rugged up in Winter

Lazing on all the furniture

Enjoying the heat off the bricks outside

We're all going to miss his antics around the house and pray that he'll be born into another of his 9 lives with a wonderful environment and people who love him. Farewell my friend, godspeed.



Sad when we lose one of our babies. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Solly was the reason I ended up visiting your blog the first time. He and my Cleo looked so much alike. Hugs, my blogging friend.


its so hard and heart breaking when we have to say goodbye...i lost my girls some time ago now and my sharna had fits too very upsetting to see it..but they both had wonderful long lives as im sure your solly did take care and hugs of the comforting sort are sent..hugs sassyx

Tammy Ortiz

oh My friend, Big Hugs I know how hard that was and how brave you were. What beautiful memories you will have and I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

My prayers are with you.

Cissy Prestage

I am so saddened for you. I know the pain you are feeling as I've been down the same road. You are in my heart and prayers. How blessed we are for every moment we have with our precious furry babies.
Sending you hugs and hoping you feel better soon.

Trish and Treasure

Sending love and hugs to you and Mark for the sad loss of Solly. He will be sadly missed.
Love Trish & Family xxxx